Dear Ivy: As Long As They Look Female

Here’s a wonderful message that I got on Facebook last night! Hey, Ivy. Do you know any transgender women (m2f) who look pretty convincing? I was thinking about it and I am tempted to try a relationship like that since I’m curious and because, as long as they look female (or pretty freaking close), I […]

Speech class, trans life, and writer’s block from hell

Once again, the change in medium is fucking with me. I need to write my final speech for class, and I’m stuck as stuck can be. What’s my topic? Trans life and trans issues! Obviously I have a lot of experience talking about things within my life as a trans woman, but for whatever reason, […]

What Comes After Coming Out?

Originally posted on I Don't Stand Still:
People picture life in┬ámovie scenes. When you marry someone, you get in a car and ride down a dirt road into the sunset, Hollywood smiles flashing white and beautiful. You finish college, and there’s a shot of caps going into the air, and people laughing in joy.…

Rapid descent into darkness

It’s amazing how fast my moods and feelings can change. That’s one of the scarier deals with everything I deal with. 10 minutes ago, I was totally okay, a little tired, a lot in pain, but okay mentally. Now… I’m down and out, feeling like I’m going to explode with dysphoric uncomfortability (if that’s not […]

Should I save money for SRS… my mental illnesses say maybe not


I’m trans. I’m dysphoric as fuck. I hate how my body is, it bothers me immensely. I want surgery. Bad. I NEED surgery bad. I started saving up money for it, due to recent situations opening up some of my cash for me, but…

I don’t know if I can save up the cash or not.

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Combined and intertwined -mental illnesses

Image found here I’ve been asked before what exactly it is that I “deal with”, because apparently people want to know all at once? I don’t know. I’m often afraid to say because the list is long and it feels like I’m going “poor old me”, but I’m not, it’s just what my life is. […]

Cis people, please listen up: I am not required to educate you

“What makes you transgender?” “Is it like cross dressing?” “So, have you had the surgery?” “What do you have down there?” “Oh my God, I couldn’t even tell, what’s it like?” “When did you decide you were trans?” “Why do you want to do this?” Dear cis people, I love that you want to learn, […]