Dear Humanity,

I love you, I do. You are beautiful and kind. Those are your main attributes. Your ugly and cruel speaks loudly, not because it’s your most prominent feature, as you think it is, but rather because it’s something that you don’t like about yourself. You call out the negative in you to work toward getting […]

Mental Illness, safety plans, and safe people

There have been a couple people that have reached out to me and asked if I was okay, as my posts seemed pretty dark. The answer? No, I’m not okay, and I may end up in the crisis unit again pretty soon But I am safe. See, in the unit that I’ve gone to before, […]

Say something beautiful

Photo found here. Say something beautiful Do something kind To yourself and for yourself It’s time for you to love Remember that every human is worthy of the same chances Remember that you are a human Project your words you say to yourself on to others Do you feel okay saying those things to them? […]

Talk to Your Kids About Porn!

Originally posted on Love Letters to a Unicorn:
We need to talk to our kids about how to watch porn. I have had this conversation a lot since I put out my book last year. I think it is critical that we talk to kids about what porn is, the messages in porn, and porn…

Sometimes, I really miss my abuser

After I got out of my abusive relationship in 2011, I was on a rape survivors forum pretty constantly for about a year. They helped so much. I’ve been going through my posts on there, and that’s when I “found” this. It’s not actually easy to let go of your abuser. There are times when […]