The idea that there’s a cohesive lgbt community is a joke

“You’re just a confused femme boy” “It’s people like you stealing all our femme boys” “You’re just a confused butch” “You’re stealing all our butch women” I have heard these statements far too many times. I have seen my brothers and sisters and myself dropped on our asses from the gay community far too many […]

The problem with “passing”

I hate the whole concept of “passing”. There are plenty of trans people that strive for it, and I’m one of them. I don’t blame anyone for it, but the whole concept brings to mind this concept of inherent cis superiority. I mean, if your goal is to “pass” as a cis person, it feels […]

Upgrades, and other such horseshit

First and foremost, I am not in any way, shape or form hoping that trans men and masculine identified trans people should catch hell, none of us should, and this post is not meant to suggest anything like this. Also, I’m not suggesting any of our lives are easy.  That said, let’s start. There are […]

You’re not trans because…

Surprise! I’m a trans woman, and if you don’t know, then I’m guessing you’re a new reader, so hello sunshine! There’s this irritating and completely ignorant statement that I’ve heard way too many times “you’re not trans because…” There’s a multitude of reasons I apparently can’t be trans and am actually just a confused boy, […]

Merry Christmas, and a friendly message

Hello fellow bloggers! It’s been an awesome couple of months getting to meet so many people, and read so many thought provoking things. I’m very grateful for it all. You are awesome. Yes. You reading this. I love you fellow human. I know that there are those of you have a hard time during holidays […]