I have some serious attachment issues

I had a new friend tell me yesterday that I needed to back off from the amount that I contacted her, it was making her uncomfortable. It didn’t upset me that she said that, in fact I can totally understand, I looked back through calls, text messages and Facebook messages and realized that I’m contacting her like 3, […]

Maybe It’s Time We Stop Punishing Ourselves And Start Asking For Help

Originally posted on Let's Queer Things Up!:
I had a family member who, in his old age, used to pull the emergency cord in his apartment – a cord designed for seniors should they fall or become very ill – almost every week.   Over and over, he would pull the cord and be…

Things get worse before they get better

This was six months after I escaped from V. It was one hell of a roller coaster. By month three, I momentarily felt okay. Things got so, so much worse and went way downhill from there, and I wouldn’t see any getting better until nearly a year after escaping. Things just keep getting worse. Three […]

The REAL reality of Anxiety

Originally posted on Saving Savannah:
I think a lot of people underestimate the true effects of anxiety on a person’s life. Having an anxiety disorder is not worrying about going to the dentist or worrying about passing your upcoming exam. Having an anxiety disorder can become pathological and maladaptive. They can cause distress that interferes with…

Sometimes, I really miss my abuser

After I got out of my abusive relationship in 2011, I was on a rape survivors forum pretty constantly for about a year. They helped so much. I’ve been going through my posts on there, and that’s when I “found” this. It’s not actually easy to let go of your abuser. There are times when […]