I’ll be back in a few days

Hey sunshines. Things have gotten to a really bad point with me, I’m very much red, and while I’m still lucid enough to do so, I’m going back to the crisis unit.Over the last two weeks I’ve been battling extremely bad depressive thoughts and suicidal thoughts, mainly due to dysphoria, and the added piece of […]

Rapid descent into darkness

It’s amazing how fast my moods and feelings can change. That’s one of the scarier deals with everything I deal with. 10 minutes ago, I was totally okay, a little tired, a lot in pain, but okay mentally. Now… I’m down and out, feeling like I’m going to explode with dysphoric uncomfortability (if that’s not […]

Combined and intertwined -mental illnesses

Image found here I’ve been asked before what exactly it is that I “deal with”, because apparently people want to know all at once? I don’t know. I’m often afraid to say because the list is long and it feels like I’m going “poor old me”, but I’m not, it’s just what my life is. […]

Dysphoria and pregnancy

April Fools. A day to joke about being pregnant, amongst many other things. That’s when I started going downhill. See, I’m completely unable to bear a child. I’m able to have children, but I can’t carry them, because, well, I’m a trans woman. So, I don’t exactly have the right parts. If this is news, […]

Never will I ever…

I’ve been working since last night not to cry. I’ve been working since last night to look okay. My dysphoria is overwhelming. I’m not supposed to have these fucking parts. I’m not supposed to be barren. I should have been able to carry my children. I should have been able to be pregnant. I hate […]

The Love Yourself List: Links To Help If You’re Feeling Suicidal

*imageĀ found here. ****Occasionally I will repost this as I get more information, or more readers in different countries**** Whoever you are, whether I’ve talked to you or not, you are beautiful. You are loved. There are people that care about you, even if you don’t realize it, even if you can’t see it right now. […]