Autism and Enemas… WTF?

I wrote this when my blog first started, and I think it’s still pretty damn relevant, and more people need to know about this. Dear Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble, you have created the Magical Mineral Solution (MMS) to try to cure children of autism. Before we talk about the details of MMS, I have […]

The Love Yourself List: Links To Help If You’re Feeling Suicidal

*imageĀ found here. ****Occasionally I will repost this as I get more information, or more readers in different countries**** Whoever you are, whether I’ve talked to you or not, you are beautiful. You are loved. There are people that care about you, even if you don’t realize it, even if you can’t see it right now. […]

Kids these days just need a good whoopin’ (is that so?)

I have heard this statement so many times and it is utter, downright, complete and total, ridiculous bullshit. This is not to say I’m perfect. I have five kids, and sometimes they drive me up the wall. I’ve whooped them all before, and it has never helped in the long run. See, the problem is […]