Blogging has helped my self esteem

I started this blog just because. I don’t think I had any particular reason other than fellow blogger and good friend Eleanor made it sound pretty interesting and (unknowingly) talked me into starting one just to see what all the hype about this craziness was. Well, it’ll officially 7 months today (woah o.O really?!) That’s right, I wrote my first […]

Ask me whatever you want, I’ll answer it

Hey sunshines! I’m completely blown away, but I can announce that I’m 12, 9, 7, 4 people away from 200 followers! Did I mention how much you guys rock? I thought I would celebrate by answering questions from my lovely readers ^.^ This of course means that I need to gather your questions first! So, ask me […]

Merry Christmas, and a friendly message

Hello fellow bloggers! It’s been an awesome couple of months getting to meet so many people, and read so many thought provoking things. I’m very grateful for it all. You are awesome. Yes. You reading this. I love you fellow human. I know that there are those of you have a hard time during holidays […]

A Realization Celebration

I was talking to the wonderful, awesome, fantastic Mara, who you must go check out (her blog is hilarious), and I realized just how awesome 2016 is going to be! I’m going back to school (Biology for the win, fuck yeah!) R and I are going to take our first vacation ever (it will be […]