Autism testing day number one. Can’t get the darkness out of my head

I’m sitting up in bed, next to my girlfriend. She is fast asleep. She works nights. I didn’t sleep well last night, I should really be asleep with her… I can’t sleep though. I’m having nightmares again. I don’t remember them.  Be all accounts, I should be excited. Today is my first day of testing… Continue reading Autism testing day number one. Can’t get the darkness out of my head

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Sitting Next To You

Sitting Next To You By: Ivy Willow I sit next to you A whole galaxy of understanding just inches away I look bored you say Let’s watch Supernatural you say You don’t wait for an answer That’s fine, because you would be waiting too long It’s been hours since I could form any meaningful words… Continue reading Sitting Next To You


Aspergers suggestion, pacing, and being stuck

Write. I’m forcing myself to write. I haven’t written in a week or two. It’s only scheduled things.  10 minutes. Or so. I can’t tell. I’ve been pacing the floor for at least that long. It’s an L shape this time. So this is stimming too? I’m stuck. The house needs to be cleaned badly… Continue reading Aspergers suggestion, pacing, and being stuck

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Autism and Enemas… WTF?

I wrote this when my blog first started, and I think it’s still pretty damn relevant, and more people need to know about this. Dear Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble, you have created the Magical Mineral Solution (MMS) to try to cure children of autism. Before we talk about the details of MMS, I have… Continue reading Autism and Enemas… WTF?