Thin-skinned PC culture

So, I advocate for “political correctness”, or as I like to call it common decency. I’m also called, like all others who advocate for PC, thin-skinned. I’m constantly told I’m taking things too harshly and being too sensitive. Here’s where that gets me though. I’m saying “be respectful please, utilize these words”, and people lose […]

When Suicidal Thoughts Are A Normal Part Of Your Life

I would love to know what it’s like to not have suicidal thoughts for any extended period of time, but I don’t. My mind doesn’t handle things well and a bad day quickly spirals. It’s not necessarily that I all out want to die most days, it’s just that my mind decides that that’s the […]

Dear Humanity,

I love you, I do. You are beautiful and kind. Those are your main attributes. Your ugly and cruel speaks loudly, not because it’s your most prominent feature, as you think it is, but rather because it’s something that you don’t like about yourself. You call out the negative in you to work toward getting […]

No one thought that Galileo was crazy, and everyone in Columbus’s day knew that the earth was round

Originally posted on The Logic of Science:
Galileo Galilei It’s a common situation that I run into frequently: two people are debating about some scientific concept, and one of them is arguing for the mainstream view and supporting their arguments with the relevant literature. Meanwhile, the other one is “supporting” their arguments with blogs, personal…

Respectability politics

I’m generally nice because I want to be, but I do want to say something about respectability politics. Trans people get thrown under the bus, murdered, misgendered, dead named, threatened, told to commit suicide, humiliated and treated like shit intentionally an unintentionally from enemies and allies alike, but we are supposed to be as sensitive […]