What Comes After Coming Out?

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People picture life in movie scenes. When you marry someone, you get in a car and ride down a dirt road into the sunset, Hollywood smiles flashing white and beautiful. You finish college, and there’s a shot of caps going into the air, and people laughing in joy.…

Rapid descent into darkness

It’s amazing how fast my moods and feelings can change. That’s one of the scarier deals with everything I deal with. 10 minutes ago, I was totally okay, a little tired, a lot in pain, but okay mentally. Now… I’m down and out, feeling like I’m going to explode with dysphoric uncomfortability (if that’s not […]

Should I save money for SRS… my mental illnesses say maybe not


I’m trans. I’m dysphoric as fuck. I hate how my body is, it bothers me immensely. I want surgery. Bad. I NEED surgery bad. I started saving up money for it, due to recent situations opening up some of my cash for me, but…

I don’t know if I can save up the cash or not.

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Instead of Boycotting North Carolina, Try Actually Helping LGBT People

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Imagine if, instead of canceling plans to build a new center in North Carolina, which would have created 400+ new jobs in the state, Paypal had created the center with entirely gender-neutral bathrooms and done what it could to hire and support LGBT employees. Imagine if, instead of banning government…

Maybe It’s Time We Stop Punishing Ourselves And Start Asking For Help

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I had a family member who, in his old age, used to pull the emergency cord in his apartment – a cord designed for seniors should they fall or become very ill – almost every week.   Over and over, he would pull the cord and be…

Dysphoria and pregnancy

April Fools. A day to joke about being pregnant, amongst many other things. That’s when I started going downhill. See, I’m completely unable to bear a child. I’m able to have children, but I can’t carry them, because, well, I’m a trans woman. So, I don’t exactly have the right parts. If this is news, […]

Never will I ever…

I’ve been working since last night not to cry. I’ve been working since last night to look okay. My dysphoria is overwhelming. I’m not supposed to have these fucking parts. I’m not supposed to be barren. I should have been able to carry my children. I should have been able to be pregnant. I hate […]