Maybe It’s Time We Stop Punishing Ourselves And Start Asking For Help

Originally posted on Let's Queer Things Up!:
I had a family member who, in his old age, used to pull the emergency cord in his apartment – a cord designed for seniors should they fall or become very ill – almost every week.   Over and over, he would pull the cord and be…

But I know that’s how I felt! Moods affecting memory

I’ve never had a good memory, so it’s hard enough to remember things in general, much less correctly, but there is an underlying factor that makes it impossible to truly remember things. My bipolar phase and my anxiety colors all of my memories. If I’ve been depressed, I’ve obviously always been depressed, I mean, I […]

I hear voices, and we need to talk about it.

Many people think that hearing voices inside or outside your mind, is something that only happens if you are A. Schizophrenic, or B. So high you’re going to need a lot of luck to find the door knob. While yes, either of those can and do cause hallucinations, it’s not the only thing. This even […]

I get so tired… and so scared.

*note: this was written a couple weeks ago It’s hard sometimes. I get tired of my bipolar, I’m tired of my anxiety. I get tired of fighting so hard to keep my life turned right side up and to not fuck it up again. There are days when I feel well, where I just want […]