Too Early To Think, Oh Yeah And Autism

It’s 6:30 am. I’ve been up for an hour because I had to use the bathroom and my mind started racing immediately…

This is a pretty normal deal, often once u am up I am up, or on the opposite end, there is no getting me up lol

I’m not even sure what I’m thinking about right now. Many of the thoughts are racing too fast.

I have my first of 5 appointments on Friday for autism testing. The thing is, at this point, I know exactly what results I am going to get.

I am most definitely on the autism spectrum, an this testing is going to confirm that.

It certainly puts me at a strange cross roads, talking so much about being bipolar, and then having it be incorrect 0.o

The thing is, add/ADHD (childhood diagnosis), borderline personality disorder (possible diagnosis as a teenager), and bipolar disorder (at 26, now almost 29) are all common misdiagnosis of autism.

This has been a hell of an adventure this year, just with this revelation alone, much less everything else.

If I continue to write in here, expect writing about autism to ramp up.

That said, thank you for reading, sunshines, and have a beautiful day.


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