Ivy, where’d you go?

Hi sunshines! I love you and I miss you.

I’ve been having a really hard time lately in my personal life, and I’ve kind of caved into this terrible spiral resulting in a pretty dramatic isolation. I don’t have a job currently, and I think at some point my brain broke, and now, it “can’t even.” I’ve learned a lot about autism over the last month. It’s about the only thing I study right now. I’ve kind of drifted into my own little world.

I have a lot of hurt going on, and a lot of confusion. I don’t really know how to sort through everything that’s happening / happened.

I did have a lot to say about the shooting at Pulse, but I did all of it over on my personal Facebook and another page. I’ll be scheduling and posting those responses on here.

I hope your lives have been well sunshines. Thank you for reading, take gentle care of yourselves and have a beautiful day ^.^


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