Thin-skinned PC culture

So, I advocate for “political correctness”, or as I like to call it common decency. I’m also called, like all others who advocate for PC, thin-skinned. I’m constantly told I’m taking things too harshly and being too sensitive.

Here’s where that gets me though. I’m saying “be respectful please, utilize these words”, and people lose their mind over it. Stop policing my language, I’ll say what I want. They get so damned hurt over being asked to stop using mean/harsh/oppressive language.

Well, those of you getting all pissy over “PC culture” and saying that I’m thin skinned, have a listen.

I’ve grown up with people calling me faggot, queer, cunt, bitch, tranny, she-male, disgusting, vile, evil, I’ve been told to die or to commit suicide so many times I couldn’t even possibly attempt to count. I’m called a child molester because I’m atheist, trans and lesbian. I hear people talk shit about my trans and queer siblings constantly. I get to be the butt end of jokes all the time, and I just have to deal with it, day in, and day out. I’ve got some thick fucking skin.

I have spent my entire life getting bullied, beaten up, called names, watching my trans siblings be murdered and kill themselves, being called horrible names.

And yet, when I ask that people at least stop using these horrible names, when I ask for a little bit of respect, people get up in arms and I’m the one called thin-skinned and told to buck up.

Guess what, y’all need to buck up. Those of you who are pissy against PC culture need to get some thicker skin, cause honey, we’ve already got thick skin, we’re just sick and tired of being treated like shit, and I personally won’t shut up anymore.

Boy, doesn’t it suck when oppressed people decide they aren’t going to shut up and stay quiet anymore?

Have a beautiful day sunshines


9 thoughts on “Thin-skinned PC culture

  1. I do find it odd that someone who is so offended by others objecting to foul language should expect that people do not use language offensive to her. It is a matter of respect but shouldn’t respect go both ways?

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    1. Can you rephrase, if you are inclined? I’m not entirely sure what point it is you’re trying to get across, and don’t want to respond to the wrong thing.


      1. I’m sorry. I was trying not to leave a really long comment. I guess I’m just really sensitive to the use of foul language. It’s probably a grandma thing. Every other word, for some people is the f word. I wish people could communicate without needing to resort to curse words. to the real meat of your post, I find the words that have been hurled at you for so long to be beyond disgusting! I’m a Christian which means that I will love you no matter who you are or what you do in your life. I may not approve but I know there’s plenty that I do that has God less than thrilled with me.
        I know you’re an atheist (as you stated) but, for me, the idea that someone would call you names especially if they think you’re sinning is ludicrous! Calling you names is sinning! I’ve got enough sin of my own to work on without thinking I need to call someone out on what I believe may be their sins. I can’t worry about my neighbor gossiping or the guy down the road cheating on his wife while I’m so imperfect (and will be all my life).
        And, because I’m old, I will not call you any of the names you listed but I may call you “Sweetie.” Again..a grandma thing.

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        1. Nothing to apologize for ^.^

          I find curse words something that can be utilized as a functional signifier of feeling, and I tend to utilize it as an addition to what I am saying, rather than just a filler. But I can also understand the reasons behind anyone who really doesn’t like them.

          As to the first point, part of it is functional equivalency for me. The only reason I care about what a person says is if they are damaging someone else. While cuss words may be considered offensive, they don’t actively or passively lead to harm. Personally, the only reason excessive cussing is a bother is because no word should be repeated that extensively in a conversation! Lol

          Thank you for your input and for expanding! ^.^ may the kindness you give be returned to you ❤

          Have a beautiful day sunshine

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          1. “Have a beautiful day sunshine” Aww..thank you!
            I see what you mean about damaging words. Cussing bugs me but mostly because I’ve had to censor myself for the last 33+ years. Darn kids and grand kids! lol But the words you were talking about are just horrid. They are intended to wound. I’m sorry you’ve heard those things.
            And, in the interest of bonding…fuck those people!

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  2. YES. Honestly, standing up for what you believe in is not being ‘thin skinned’ there’s no such thing. Standing up to oppression is something that should never be criticised and people should never feel ridiculous doing so, because who defines when someone’s overreacting or whatever? Crushing people who are standing up for the right things will only make the problem bigger and people will be afraid to discuss and discussion is key in politics etc

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