Respectability politics

I’m generally nice because I want to be, but I do want to say something about respectability politics. Trans people get thrown under the bus, murdered, misgendered, dead named, threatened, told to commit suicide, humiliated and treated like shit intentionally an unintentionally from enemies and allies alike, but we are supposed to be as sensitive as possibly about everyone else’s feelings!

I don’t think so. We’ve been treated like complete trash for a long time. If you get butt hurt, sorry but suck it up buttercup because a lot of trans people are tired of being treated like shit and like hell anyone should have to respect people who are so incredibly disrespectful.

As for me, I like being nice, but I have zero sympathy for complaints that a minority was being mean. Take the time to learn why were so mad instead of being offended that you’re being called out for bullshit or because you don’t like how someone worded something cis people do.

Also, just because we say “cis people do this” doesn’t mean all do, it also doesn’t mean you don’t.

I say if the shoe fits, wear it, and change what you’re doing.

Thank you for reading sunshines and have a beautiful day


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