Blogging has helped my self esteem

I started this blog just because. I don’t think I had any particular reason other than fellow blogger and good friend Eleanor made it sound pretty interesting and (unknowingly) talked me into starting one just to see what all the hype about this craziness was.

Well, it’ll officially 7 months today (woah o.O really?!) That’s right, I wrote my first post on October 12th, 2015, though I re-published that, so here’s the one from October 13th. Anyway… one of the most surprising things that I have found is that blogging really has totally helped my self esteem.

Not just the writing itself, though it has been nice to get all these things out of my head. The writing is definitely part of it. I’ve actually learned quite a bit about myself while doing this, and I’ve got the chance to impart my own brain droppings to the rest of the world that wants to read it.

I’ve had so many beautiful comments from you, sunshines. I’m quite surprised at the reception I’ve received as well. I’m at 200 followers, which is just unbelievable.

Also, the fact that I’ve stuck with something really helps. I’m one of those people that will start all sorts of things and then they end up falling by the wayside because of any number of factors. I’ll tell you, not finishing most things that you start is a great way to kill your self esteem. This is kind of a counter acting piece to this. I’m determined to write something most days, and I always schedule my writings out just in case I have times where I end up not writing anything.

I’ve definitely started feeling better about myself since starting this blog. It’s cathartic really, and I understand why so many people blog now. I totally didn’t get it before I started writing my own.

All in all, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m soo glad that I started doing this. I’m happy for the new found self esteem, and I’m happy for the outstanding connections I’ve made with other beautiful bloggers.

So sunshines, how has blogging helped you?



10 thoughts on “Blogging has helped my self esteem

  1. I’ve had this blog for awhile, and I don’t talk much on it. I’ve been bloggingfor several years, but that’s mostly the kind of thing people do on Facebook or Instagram.

    This blog is for anonymity, for the longest posts and the darkest nights and the times I want to write essays about my gender and my thoughts and send those things out, hoping and praying that maybe, maybe someone will see them and relate to them and feel better because they’re not alone.

    Maybe it makes me feel less alone too.

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  2. You are awesome! Hooray for you, Sweetie!
    Keep up the good work, and please keep believing in yourself!
    You can do anything that you make up your mind to do!


  3. This post has made me realise too how amazing and beneficial the blogging community is. All I’ve heard in the WP community is lovely words and I am so honoured to be a part of it. Blogging is such an incredible tool and i’m so glad you have found it helpful. Also congratulations on 7 months of blogging (or maybe 8 I’ve forgotten) anyway congratulations, that’s amazing!

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  4. I started my blog pretty recently. I write about my own life as well as post stories for those who want to talk about mental health. I feel its a safe platform for all of us. I am starting to get the hang of it but its nice to write about my struggles and know I’m not alone. Thanks for keeping your blog going! I read it often!

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