200 followers, here’s the Q and A

So, I finally got there! 200 followers! You guys rock sunshines ^.^

Thank you so much. I certainly never expected this kind of reception when I started this blog 6 months ago. The views, followers, comments… It’s all been just amazing.

A couple of weeks ago I said that u would ask any questions that I got from you guys so, without further adieu, here it is:

What are your favorite hobbys?

My favorite hobbies are drawing, making music, writing short stories, reading, video games, rock climbing, hula hooping, making up stupid puns and wordplay, and fantastic conversation.

where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

I’d rather not see myself nearing 40, but since that’s inevitable, in 10 years, I hope for R and my business to be booming, and I will be selling my music and my art on a consistant basis.

Have you ever been bungee-jumping, skydiving or something similar?

I have never tried being that gutsy, but I think it would be a lot of fun to do things like that. Up until I die of a fear induced heart attack lol At least I would go out having fun at that point!

If so then how is the experience?

I image it’s pretty awesome. I like watching the people in those squirrel suits.

If not would you like to do something like this in the future?

Absolutely. I would love to go hang gliding sometime before I get old and crochety. I would definitely never, ever bungee jump thought.

Favorite class from this semester?

This one is hard! I had English and Public Speaking this semester and they were both so awesome. I’m loving getting the chance to learn how to do speeches more, but I think my English class was probably the best. Although this damn synthesis paper thing is throwing me for a loop. *grumbles and gripes*

What is the class you’re most looking forward to?

I’m really excited to be starting my biology classes in… 2 more semesters. I have some catching up to do in my knowledge.

What are you wanting to do with your degree?

I’m not completely settled on where I want to take my Masters, but, I think I want to go into microbiology and then into stem cell research. I would like to be able to make surgery better for trans people, including being able to seed neo-vaginas so that they function no differently than a vagina someone is born with, and giving other women the chance to be able to actually bear a child, since it is something that is not a chance for me, and is really distressing.  Plus stem cell penis implants for those who are male identified would be awesome to have a breakthrough in. I would be happy to dedicate my life’s work to improving the lives of trans people as much as possible.



6 thoughts on “200 followers, here’s the Q and A

  1. I took two semesters of biology, and I absolutely loved it. For one thing, I got to see for myself what the theory of evolution actually says (as opposed to creationist straw manning and layman misunderstanding) and what sort of evidence supports it. For another, biology is just… cool. And I learned so many things that I just had no clue about, before.

    But, I find it extra depressing when Christians try to debate evolution with me, now. The theory of evolution is completely irrelevant to why I am an atheist anyway (if a god could create the world, why couldn’t they do it dwarf fortress style? that is, set up a system to simulate the history of the world, and then bring that world into being at some arbitrary point in time, complete with its “history”). It’s just frustrating when people keep insisting on addressing an objection I don’t even have. And then I get frustrated because they dismiss mountains of evidence for a theory they don’t even understand properly, and I can’t explain to them what the theory actually says in an adequate way in a short conversation when I don’t even have reference material handy.

    Anyway, best of luck with your career aspirations!

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