What Comes After Coming Out?

“People are going to make your coming out, your very identity, all about them and how it affects them. They will drain your emotional energy. They will leave you empty, and somehow take more than that.”

This is so very, very true, and very, very difficult to deal with

I Don't Stand Still

People picture life in movie scenes. When you marry someone, you get in a car and ride down a dirt road into the sunset, Hollywood smiles flashing white and beautiful. You finish college, and there’s a shot of caps going into the air, and people laughing in joy. You finally come out to someone, and they look at you with just… love, and you know things are going to turn out all right.

The problem with that, of course, is that it’s utter fantasy. Those scenes you picture don’t show you late-night arguments with your husband because you can’t agree on whether the television ought to go in the living room or the bedroom. They don’t show you working the grave shift at a McDonald’s because it turns out not many people are hiring a doctorate in 20th century poultry-inspired performance art.

Those perfect movie scenes don’t tell you about the times you’ll cry…

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