Paranoia: making it through mountains


Feature image by Kaelte

Every little thing is huge

If I confront someone (even if I know them well), obviously things will get physical.

If I drive somewhere, of course I’ll die in the car.

If someone I love leaves my site, well duh, they’re going to die.

Since I play the piano, it’s a no brainer that I’m going to lose an arm.

I love music so much, so naturally I’m going to go deaf.

I have a stable place to stay. Of course I’ll lose my job.

I got a verbal warning at work. Well, they’re going to fire me tomorrow.

I’ve played video games for an hour today. I’m going to be a failure for life because of this.

My chest hurts, I must be dying.

Every day, I go through a million horrid things that I absolutely know will happen. They never do, but that doesn’t matter. I know on some level the paranoia isn’t logical, but that doesn’t matter.

You can’t talk a paranoid person out of their concerns, you just can’t. You have to help them handle their concerns in a safe manner.

I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think my paranoia will ever go away. This is part of life in my mind.




So yes, if someone you know deals with a lot of paranoia and is always frustratingly on edge, perhaps, instead of getting irritated, find out what they are paranoid about, and see if there’s anyway you can help lessen the ridiculous amount of anxiety we feel.

Thank you for reading sunshines and have a beautiful day!



4 thoughts on “Paranoia: making it through mountains

    1. I have heard of it. Unfortunately it’s a no go. I’ve tried for years, so that perhaps my night terrors wouldn’t be so scary, but I’ve never been able to control those and I don’t really have other dreams

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