Taboos: This is just as bad as the homophobic cake maker fiasco

Most of my friends are liberal (gee, surprise right?) so of course, I see all sorts of liberal leaning things on my Facebook page constantly. I’ve seen this one come up time and time again, and I’m going to play devil’s advocate on it.


Refusal of service sign from Mexican restaurant “Taco Cabana”

So, why is this in my taboo series?

Because I’m arguing that this is just as bad as the homophobic cake makers.

Wait… What the fuck Ivy?

What about the cake makers that refused to make a homophobic cake and was found to have been in their legal right? I mean, this is the same thing right?

I would argue that no, it’s not. Those particular cake makers were being forced to make something inherently hateful and homophobic.

This restaurant is saying that they will not serve someone based on the views they have, not on what the customer is trying to force them to do. Not on the basis of the customer being disruptive to the shop, but on what views they have.

I think this equates much more to the story of these two being kick out of a restaurant. These guys weren’t doing anything, other than expressing what they have in life, and they were kicked out for it. They didn’t make a disturbance, they didn’t try to make anyone in the restaurant do or make anything hateful, they just existed with their own ideas, opinions, and life.

The idea that someone should be kicked out of somewhere just for their ideas, opinions, and life, isn’t an acceptable idea. If they are actually making a disturbance or forcing someone to do something vile then kick their ass out, but not until then. Not just for an idea. Not just for a belief.

Have a beautiful day sunshines, and as always, especially with my taboo posts, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Take care of yourselves and have a beautiful day!!!!


5 thoughts on “Taboos: This is just as bad as the homophobic cake maker fiasco

  1. Wow, you caught me. At first I was like “that’s awesome,” then I read your view and was like “damn, Charlie, you’re a hypocrite.” Thanks for your perspective, it’ll be a voice of reason in my mind to not respond (unfairly) to assholes the same way they’re treating others.

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