I Had Everything I Wanted – And I Still Wanted To Die

Sam is an astounding writer and so amazingly puts into words things in a way I wish I could grasp. I was in a situation much like this in January of 2014. I had a partner that wasn’t abusive, I had my hormones, I had everything that I wanted, and it didn’t matter. I ended up in a crisis unit anyway. Sam states it well when he says “Because mental illness doesn’t care about the life you’ve built. It’s only interested in what it can take away.”

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I’ve spent an hour, give or take, furiously pacing the floor of my apartment. They call this “psychomotor agitation,” though I don’t know it yet.

I feel like I can’t stand to be in my skin another second, like I’m completely wired and simultaneously the most depressed I’ve ever been. They call this a “mixed episode,” though I haven’t realized that yet.

My apartment is my sanctuary. I remember when I moved into the place – the joy I felt to be downtown, to be in the heart of things. It was full of 1920s charm. It felt surreal to be in a place so nice. I put a lot of thought into how I decorated the place, down to the candles and the twinkle lights and the succulents.

It was my safe place – was, up until that moment, when suddenly the train was coming…

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2 thoughts on “I Had Everything I Wanted – And I Still Wanted To Die

    1. Thank you kindly sunshine ^.^ This one isn’t mine though. You should drop by Sam’s page and let him know what you think of his writing! Have a beautiful day ^.^


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