Could Monopoly teach about real life?

It was so weird to come across this video the day after I was just thinking about Monopoly and it’s functionality.

I was thinking about how the main goal is to completely obliterate your opponent monetarily. Then I was also thinking about how it can teach us (albeit too easily summed up) about monetary equality. If you hoard your cash and properties, then the game usually ends fairly quickly. The end sum idea means to crash the game.

But what happens if you’re altruistic. What happens if you play Monopoly by the rules that most liberal individuals would like in real life? The game continues to go, and go, and go, and go. Which, for the board game, may be boring as hell, but it makes for an interesting analogy for real life. In real life, if we play like the rules of Monopoly say, it’s end sum, and we have seen this before, and we continue to see this around the world. If we play where we help each other out and pass around and trade, then things continue quite well, much like in the game. Of course, there are many more nuances that you could never take into account in the game, but, I feel like it’s a good analogy.

What do you think sunshines? Sound off below, check out the video, and have a beautiful day!


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