Autism and Enemas… WTF?

I wrote this when my blog first started, and I think it’s still pretty damn relevant, and more people need to know about this.

Dear Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble, you have created the Magical Mineral Solution (MMS) to try to cure children of autism. Before we talk about the details of MMS, I have something I would like to say to you:

For those of you who haven’t heard of MMS otherwise known as chlorine dioxide (CD), it’s something designed to supposedly cure autism. It’s used as both drops in the mouth and as enemas. Now, at it’s absolute basics, MMS begins as sodium chlorite diluted in water. Sodium chlorite is used for things like mouthwashes and toothpastes and as a preservative. In the right doses, it’s not exceptionally harmful or problematic. So…

Where does chlorine dioxide come into the picture and what is it? Let’s get all science-y up in here.

I’ll start with the last question first, because I’m that spiffy. Sodium chlorite’s chemical formula is NaClO2, which is probably pronounced Naclottoo if chemical formulas were pronounced how they looked. What it actually means is that it’s a combination of  one part sodium, one part chlorine and two parts oxygen.

With MMS, it is instructed to mix this solution with some citric acid, like lemon juice for “activation”. Here’s where things get really fun! See, when you mix sodium chlorite with citric acid, it becomes (oh this is exciting!)

Chlorine Dioxide!

Chlorine dioxide is chemically known as ClO2 aka one part chlorine and two parts oxygen. It’s used for things like disinfecting, water purification and bleaching.

Wait? Bleaching?

Why yes reader, thanks for asking! Chlorine dioxide is an extremely powerful agent used for cleaning and bleaching and is extremely toxic very quickly. In fact OSHA’s 8 hour exposure limit to the gas is a limit of 0.1 parts per million (ppm) for those working with it. The U.S. EPA sets a limit of .8mg/L allowable within drinking water, and CD can cause acute renal failure if ingested at or above amounts of about 1 gram.

So why all the blabbing about limits and this that and the other thing? Because science!

And also because it’s important to know when you get down to the instructions provided for the use of MMS. It’s promoted to cure a multitude of things, but here’s how you give drops and enemas of what is essentially bleach to autistic kids! Are you excited? I know Jim and Kerri are.

When applying MMS to your wonderful child, you want to make sure to have a concentration of 3 grams, or 25034.8 PPM into 120 ml (.12 L) of distilled water. Hey! It’s those science-y number things again. Before we get to those, we’ll head over to application. Make sure to take your precious little autistic kid and feed them the solution (force feed if they don’t like it, it’s good for them) and/or shove it up their ass. That’ll do the trick! Do it enough times and you won’t have to worry about the autisms anymore! It will get rid of that nasty autisms and in the process it will get rid of all the worms in your precious child’s stomach!

Worms? What the hell are you talking about?

Oh yes, the wonderful worms, the autism causing worms. The ones that these kids poop out, thanks to your handy dandy MMS. Isn’t it wonderful, they’re getting better!

Actually those “worms” are more than likely bits of stomach and intestinal lining being ripped from these poor kids stomachs because, you know, bleach isn’t good to drink, but that doesn’t stop those that follow the MMS protocol.


15 thoughts on “Autism and Enemas… WTF?

  1. And “The People Who Deserve to be Knife Raped” List keeps growing.

    Sorry, that maybe a little extreme… But the fact that it is basically okay to torture gays and Apies like me weighs heavily on my mind?

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        1. Yes, absolutely. I did not mean to convey that I thought you were promoting violence, rather presenting my own opinion. I am sorry.
          It is far too acceptable to commit cruel and unjust acts on disabled people…. 😦


          1. You know in the Day both Hitler and Einstein exhibited symptoms of Autism. Hitler became the leader of party which was anti-disabled and Einstein became someone who was seen as a genius. The fact is back in the day having symptoms of Autism was just considered a funny personality not a disability.

            The fact is modern medicine has tried to declare anything abnormal a disability!

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            1. I don’t think (as a whole) it is anything abnormal. In fact in most diagnosis (autism most definitely included) whatever “it” is, it must interrupt the viable functions of your day. I’m sure there are some over diagnosis for sure, but I also know that with autism there is a definitive under diagnosis, which has hurt more than a few people I know who really need the extra supports a formal diagnosis could help provide :/


              1. Well the fact is I am Autistic and I have more problems because of the way other people treat me then the so-called disability itself.

                Abraham Lincoln had terminal depression and you know how he handled it. He used a medical device called friends and family. He just had people who cared about him take care of him when he wasn’t well. The severe depression is why many feel he felt empathy for the slaves.

                Imagine if he had been medically treated and drugged up?

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  2. I didn’t know much about this, but after reading your wonderful post, I can assure you that it disgusts me. I can’t believe someone could ever think this is okay! It reminds me of the hormone treatments they used to give for homosexuality – have we changed at all?

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    1. We have, and it’s a pretty small sub group but they are loud as hell. There are one or two larger groups that are supposedly for autism awareness, which for them means promoting this shit, and claiming autism is a disease that they are “working very hard on the cure for.” -.-‘
      Yes we’ve changed. Yes the world had gotten better but unfortunately we will have to go through one bullshit thing to the next to slowly dismantle the bad crap

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  3. UGH. This disgusts me. Such awful ignorance.

    I love your writing style. Only thing I’d suggest is including a handwritten or typed picture of the chemical reaction. I believe there are a couple of correct ways to express this, although I’m tired and may have made a small error, haha. 😛

    NaClO2 + C6H7O7 —-> HClO2 + Na+
    NaClO2 + HOC(COOH)(CH2COOH)2 —-> HClO2 + Na+.


    1. Your first question is one that’s bugged me ever since I learned about this, and while I understand it can be frustrating when you have a child that perceives and moves through the world completely differently than most other people, the way that these parents talk on the pages that promote this crap is really disturbing. They “just want to fix their child”. Their children are in “unfortunate situations” and “messed up in the head” and they can’t wait to “get rid of their autism so they’re normal.” It hurts to read the comments and the posts.
      It seems silly, but I’m so grateful to everyone, including you, that gets up in arms about it.

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      1. I remember watchign a documentary about autism in Amaerica and I remember my jaw hitting the floor when one ‘caring’ Mum was in tears stating that God* was punishing her by giving her an autistic child. Why have televisions not advanced to the point where we can use a ‘slap’ button? Grrr. *I don’t personally believe in God but clearly the God that she had made for herself wasn;t quite as loving as she could have made him. Boy are NT’s gonna be pissed if they get up there and find out that God has Asperger’s? I mean, after all, what NT would have done such a good job on making the Universe, right?

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        1. I’m sure that someone with her mindset would not be happy about that lol. It’s too bad that there are people that see it that way though. I hope sooner or later it will become simple for everyone to understand that different =/= bad.


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