Paranoia + road trip


Well, I knew it would start setting in. R is going with a friend on an 18 hour road trip to another state.

18 hours for the car to explode

18 hours for it to go up in flames

18 hours for them to burn alive

For fucks sake… Can my paranoia just leave now? That would be really, really nice.

I don’t want to imagine the people I love… Having that happen to them… *shivers*

18 hours… I have to try really hard not to call every couple of hours.

I got this. They’ll be safe. They’ll be fine.

I’m totally saying that for my own benefit and hoping that maybe I’ll believe it and be able to not be as high strung and paranoid.

Although, R did promise to send a text or something every couple of hours, which will help.

I can’t wait until they are to their destination


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