Trans woman raped at Stonewall Inn

stonewall-innLink to story here.

What the fuck?!

What in the actual fuck is going on?

At The Stonewall Inn of all places! Fucking Stonewall, the Stonewall riots. Have we forgotten about those? Where can my siblings and I really be safe? Stonewall is supposed to be a haven for all of the queer community.

I just want to cry, I’m trying so hard not to… My poor sister… When are people going to stop targeting us? It’s too much.

My dearest siblings, I am so sorry we have to go through this. I am so sorry for everyone of you that have been hurt, murdered, committed suicide… I am so sorry loves *hugs*

2 thoughts on “Trans woman raped at Stonewall Inn

  1. Considering the unisex bathroom, there’s always an increased opportunity someone cruel and perverted would take advantage and use the facility to abuse somebody else’s privacy/person. Likewise this sort of event happening at the Stonewall shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Even the historian David Eisenbach, author of “Gay Power: An American Revolution”, a 2007 Stonewall honor book, wrote about the inn

    ‘As in most Mafia-run joints, the Stonewall operators exploited the opportunity to blackmail successful older patrons (OSC: Meaning homosexuals and men who cross dressed were their main target for exploitation). A staff member would strike up a conversation with a successful-looking man, learning his name and profession. If the mark worked in a law firm or stock brokerage, he was later blackmailed with the threat of being outed to his colleagues. The discovery of this operation led to the famous Stonewall raid on June 28, 1969.

    Sometime in early 1969 INTERPOL, the UN-affiliated international police organization, noticed an unusual number of negotiable bonds surfacing in foreign countries and requested that the New York Police Department investigate whether they were counterfeit. Police detectives found that the Mafia had been acquiring large numbers of bonds by blackmailing gay employees of New York banks. From studying police reports on various gay clubs, investigators concluded that the extortion rings were operating in Greenwich Village. The Stonewall . . . quickly became a prime suspect in a multimillion-dollar international criminal enterprise.’

    Insofar as I have read, the Stonewall inn, albeit hyped as the answer or champion of LGBT causes, wasn’t so friendly as the pop culture narrative would like it to appear. As ever it’s very sad when people in the LGBT community would do this to each other, doubly sad as they’re the company in which most gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people imagine they’re at their safest.

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    1. Thank you for the quick history lesson sunshine, I didn’t know this!
      I know it’s unreasonable really, at the end of the day, to think that it’s not going to happen at xyz place, but this particular one was at the end of a chain of things that had happened to trans individuals, and I was just kind of at my wits end by the time I posted this.

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