Say something beautiful

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Say something beautiful

Do something kind

To yourself and for yourself

It’s time for you to love

Remember that every human is worthy of the same chances

Remember that you are a human

Project your words you say to yourself on to others

Do you feel okay saying those things to them?

Would you tell your children what you tell yourself?




Say something beautiful, even if it’s only superficial right now

You don’t have to believe it at first

But know that you are absolutely worth it



A shining soul

Let yourself know that you are loved

I know you forget it

I do too

It will feel odd to talk out loud to yourself, especially kindly

I understand it’s hard

Being nice to someone you hate

It’s okay to feel odd about it but…

Say something beautiful to you, speak to yourself like the ones you love

Because remember my dear

You’re the only one that will always be by your side

You aren’t your enemy

You are your friend

And you are fucking amazing

Even if you don’t see it

Say something beautiful to yourself sunshine

You light up someone’s life

Even if you don’t know

10 thoughts on “Say something beautiful

    1. Thank you sunshine ^.^
      I write about a lot of stuff, but at the end of the day, all I hope for is to be able to teach people they are not alone, to teach people real, helpful self care, and to hopefully make my readers feel loved and appreciated
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post so much, and I hope you have a beautiful day love! Take gentle care of yourself

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