Tomboy? Maybe not so much

So, I’ve spent the last seven years talking about how I’m a total tomboy (cause, you know, I am) and how, though I’m trans, I identify more on the androgynous, masculine, dom side of things with a massive peppering of feminine. Though, I’ve been doing a lot of growing and changing over the last 5 years with R, and after escaping V.

R is the first one that ever allowed me to just figure myself out. He’s the first person that I was with that I could really flow in, around and between masculine and feminine, where I didn’t have to play protector anymore. He’s the first person that I’ve ever really been able to “be the girl” so to speak (yes, I’m aware of the inherent flaws with that idea, but I’m summing things up.)

I mean, V called me her baby girl, but I was still very much forced into the protector/masculine position, though she controlled everything.

So, you know, I’ve just always seen myself on the more masculine side. Dressing mostly femme, but acting more butch. Well… I had a very interesting statement thrown at me by G. She said that I was totally the only girly girl friend that she’s ever really had.


What?!?! O.o

I was totally taken away by that statement, and admittedly, it made me so happy. I mean… I know it seems like a little thing, but to me, it’s not. For whatever reason, it’s such a big thing, I mean, I’m still on about it and it’s been a week? Maybe two? It was lovely ^.^

Thank you for reading sunshines, and have a beautiful day!


4 thoughts on “Tomboy? Maybe not so much

    1. I got those girl, and some damn cute ones at that. But hell, I’ll take more for sure. What is that now? Hugs. A tank. Panties… Am I forgetting something?
      You are fantastic sunshine. Every time, you get me laughing.
      Have a beautiful day love


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