On to the District and State Conventions!

Fellow blogger Aaron Collett has the chance to represent the county he lives in, El Paso County, for the DNC in Philadelphia. He needs help getting there. He’s a good blogger and a good person who needs a little bit of help, come check out his blog and drop by his GoFundMe, and help him get to the DNC.
Thank you sunshines, and have a beautiful day!

Aaron K Collett

The El Paso County Convention was amazing! Well, mostly. There were some hiccups, but I really enjoyed getting to argue with Hillary supporters and feel the Bern with some Bernie peeps.

I am a District and State Delegate now, pledged for Bernie Sanders. This means I’m going to represent El Paso County in both the Congressional Distict 5 Assembly and the State Democratic Convention. This will be on April 15 and 16. I’m also running for the Democratic National Convention in Philedelphia.

Now I need my readers’ help. It’s going to cost 5-6 thousand dollars to go to the National Convention. I’m a middle school English teacher, and unfortunately I don’t have that kind of cash. I would like to ask for my readers’ help in raising those funds. I have a GoFundMe account set up. Even if you can just give a little bit, that little bit helps. If…

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