One day I’ll learn to hit save

Soooo… I just spent the last three hours straight working on my final draft of my English paper, and my power point for my speech, both due today. 

I was almost done, had all my citations, just about had the power point done, and my computer died, and I or got to hit save. I know have an hour until classes, a 40 minute round trip to get my computer charger and 20 minutes to do more than three hours worth of work.

Can today just be done now. I feel miserable about it and I’m sitting in my car fucking crying right now. I can’t believe I didn’t save my shit…


11 thoughts on “One day I’ll learn to hit save

  1. Reading your post made me feel very stressed out for you! The pain of not saving hours and hours of work…

    But reading your comments and seeing that auto-recovery has helped you out in some way is great news 😀

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    1. Autosave… Well, no, maybe recovery, at any rate, I just opened up my computer and my English files are there. My power point was not so lucky though. That’s okay.
      Thank you sunshine *hugs*


      1. using mac, i’m guessing? i use the windows equivalent, notepad++ where i forgot all about the save button lol. i just shut off my machine and it takes me right where i left off (to the second) when i load the program again.


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        1. Yep, a Mac. That’s good to know that my stuff won’t just die and go awak though (except for Keynote(power point). I did lose that, but that’s a lot easier to replace than a 4 page paper with 20 cited sources

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