I hate the DARE program

Ah, DARE. “Dare to resist drugs” It’s a grand thing isn’t it? I mean, it’s got to be helpful, they teach you about drugs and help keep kids away from drugs. They’re a wonderful thing right? So why in the world would I hate them?

I hate the DARE program because I base my entire life and parenting, teaching and decision making process on informed consent, which DARE absolutely does not.

The whole program is based off of compliance through fear. They show and tell all these horrid things about drugs, much of which is a stretched truth to fit what they’re saying, or an outright lie.

They don’t give you a chance for informed consent. They don’t talk about the good things about drugs, which they should be talking about. Not emphasizing, but talking about.

They should also not be emphasizing the bad. The should definitely not be over inflating the concerns and lying to kids.

The reason why is this:

Have you ever seen what happens when a kid finds out you are lying about a subject? They look to find out what else is bullshit.

You tell these kids that if they smoke pot at all, they will destroy their lives. So then when those that try it decide to, and find out “Hey! I’m still fine. I’m still going to class. My grades are still fine, my life isn’t destroyed… I wonder what else they are lying about.”

I knew friends that only tried other things, because they figured that all the other stuff was just as harmless since everything DARE taught them about cannabis was bullshit, then the other stuff likely is too, so, fuck it, let’s see what’s up with this.

I don’t condone nor condemn use of any drugs. It’s up to the person that decides to use them. No drug is automatically addictive, and no drug has only negative things associated with it. They all have positives, they all have negatives, and without all of that knowledge, kids can’t make fully informed decisions. How can you fully consent if you are not fully informed?

Childhood and teenage life is confusing and difficult enough without having to try to wade through a bunch of bullshit that adults teach you because “protect the children”.

You know what? Fuck that. If you’re lying to kids to try to get them to stay away from things you don’t like, then you’re not protecting them. You’re setting them up for failure.

So yes, I think DARE is a really crappy thing, and should either be replaced, heavily refined or taken out completely, because it does a lot more damage than good.

Have a beautiful day, and thank you for reading sunshines!

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