Love is

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So many people think love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Amazingly overwhelming and awe inspiringly lovely, and it is, but it’s not.

People forget the other side of love. The darker side.

People forget that love is the most wonderful and most painful feeling in the entire world.

It will lift you up higher than you have ever been in your life

And it will destroy you faster, harder, longer and more thoroughly than nearly anything else in the world.

Love is beautiful and brutal

Love is joyous and despairing

And every single dark moment

Is absolutely worth

Ever moment of beauty

I cry so hard over the loss of R in a romantic relationship

And I would never take away a moment of that relationship just to keep the tears away. One day, I will look at everything that we had, everything we still have, and it will fill me with joy, but for now I cry.

I cry hard and I cry often for the most beautiful, amazing, painful thing that has ever happened to me

And it’s worth



of pain


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