Taco Bell and canes

So, I had an… interesting adventure to say the least yesterday. I went to Taco Bell because I’m apparently obsessed with fake Mexican food and questionable cheese.

Well, oddly enough, people do this thing called using the bathroom, and I happen to be a person, so… yeah. Weird right?

I just barely get into the restroom and sit down and… Somebody tries very hard to get into the bathroom. When they couldn’t get in, they immediately started tapping their cane, tapping their foot and repeatedly telling me to get out! I couldn’t believe how incredibly rude this person was being.

Well, me being so incredibly non-confrontational and never snarky, I immediately yelled out to her “you realize this makes it a lot harder to take a shit right?”

She responds by telling me she doesn’t care and I need to get out and starts tapping her cane faster and louder.

I tell her that if it’s that bad, use the men’s bathroom real quick, seeing as it’s only a one person bathroom. She tells me to shut up, and immediately taps her cane over and over repeatedly.

I finally told her that I absolutely take much longer for assholes. So, she asks for a manager, because you know, they can totally keep you from taking a shit. -.-‘

The manager knocks on the door, I say “someone’s in here”, she tells the lady that she knocked on the door and that’s all she can do. The lady actually had the crazy idea to, you know… hold the fuck on and wait. Though she didn’t wait in the hallway, which is a good thing, because I was fucking irritated at that point, and as sweet as I usually am to people, I really wanted to tell her she was being a bitch and it wouldn’t get her anywhere in life.

Otherwise… The food was good ^.^

Have a beautiful day sunshines, and take gentle care of yourself.



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