I know you’re scared

I wish I could calm your beating heart

I know that your afraid

They’ve all hurt you before

I swear he’s not the same

I swear we’re not the same

I know it’s hard. It’s new. 

There’s no way he can be this good right?

I get it. I thought the same thing

I promise that he is

He wants to take care of you

He likes you for you

Not to hop in the sack 

He’s not going to get bored with you

He’s not dropping you to the side

I’m not going to turn on you

He wants to be with you

I want this to happen

You’re wonderful my friend

I know you’re scared

I promise we aren’t going to turn on you

I promise he is not them

Only time can show that

And I hope you give him, give us the time to show that our intentions are true


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