From Theoretical to Reality – My husband’s potential partner

So, we’ve talked a LOT about poly relationships, and we’ve both talked with other people and fooled around with other people, but the reality of an actual partner, a solid relationship, is here. I wondered exactly how I would react if he found someone, and now I know.

I guess first I’ll look at how L and I interact. She’s been over several times now, and her and I talk for hours. She’s so incredible, it’s really nice that we can keep conversation going. It’s so easy to talk to her, and she’s very trustable and real. I’ve revealed information to her over the course of a couple hours that it took me months to even tell R. She’s very quickly becoming a really good friend, and I’m very proud to call her a friend. So, we click really well.

As far as R and L, they are so funny. They’re in that super adorable awkward phase. I asked R the other day if they had kissed. I figured that they had, and he never directly said yes, but he got beat red (which doesn’t happen with him very often at all). They talk so much online and over text, but then when L comes over, they barely look at each other. It’s so cute. I’m happy for both of them.

I know L will be taken care of. My husband is so wonderful at taking care of me, and I trust he will do the same for her. So it’s good to know that a friend of mine will be entering a relationship where she’s going to be treated well.

I’m pretty sure R will be taken care of as well, which will be good. Sometimes I feel like I can’t take care of him as I should. It’s difficult dealing with my anxiety and bipolar to do what I feel should be done for him, so it will be nice to have some help.

L is very respectful of boundaries, and is so good at working through this with us.

Are there any problems?

I haven’t really found any, I was getting frustrated because R has had a tendency of texting her while we are hanging out, and, while I’m hoping that later on down the line both L and I are able to hang out with him and be all cuddly and shit at the same time sometimes, it’s still very new, and well, texting isn’t the same as being in person, and it’s been bothering me. I talked to him last night though, and he stopped right away. Like I said, really good at keeping boundaries and working with everyone. I haven’t really found any other direct problems. I’ve had my own grumping in terms of being ridiculously on a high school level. My best friend (R) has a *potential* girlfriend and I don’t. They’ve yet to label it, but it will get there, I’m sure of it. So it has nothing to do with them, I’m just being kind of ridiculous.

In terms of how things worked out in theory, my biggest hope was a triad (regardless of who it was), instead of a V, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s not a problem. I’m truly happy with what’s happening.

My focus now is my own relationships. I’ve forgotten how to do this whole flirting/courting/dating thing. It’s been a long time lol (I was much better at it before I transitioned, that’s for sure) So hey, that will be an adventure in and of itself, that’s for sure.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day sunshines!

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