Why are you so obsessed with gender?

All the things cis people say, and then they ask trans people why they bitch so much about gender -.-‘

Cis people ask me about my genitals all the time, as if it’s a necessity for them to know whether I have a penis or a vagina.

The must know why I feel the need to go to the bathroom in the women’s room. Some even going so far as trying to make legislations against me and my brothers and sisters so that we can’t use the correct bathrooms.

I’ve lost jobs because of my gender / sex differences.

Housing is more difficult because of my gender.

I get asked why I can’t just be what I was born as.

Allies and haters alike constantly ask me so many different questions about my gender.

If I bring up that I’m trans, suddenly, the majority of the conversations I’m involved in somehow come back to my gender and my sex.

Then these people have the nerve to ask me why I’m so obsessed with gender?

Sunshine, except for answering questions sent to me, the only thing that I have ever said is “hey, by the way, there’s this whole trans thing. Can you respect who I am?”

I would not ever mention anything else about it if everyone else didn’t obsess over my gender.

Thank you for reading, and have a beautiful day sunshines. Also, thank you for the wonderful cis allies and potential allies out there who are really trying to understand and not be jerks about it. Y’all are cool shit ^.^


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