Fly Away – short story

“I just want to fly away babe,” she told her.

“You mean, like wishing you had wings?” Kara said, touching Lexi softly.

“No.” Lexi sighed. “I want to fly away from all the darkness. My head is so clouded, and I’m just so tired my love.” Tears started welling up in her eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment. She cursed the tears under her breathe and fiercly wiped them away.

Kara pulled Lexi into her, hugging her tight. “How can I help you?” she asked.

Lexi just shook her head, and buried her face into Kara’s shoulder. Finally, she couldn’t hold it in any longer, and she started sobbing. Kara knew that things were bad this time, because Lexi never cried in front of anyone. She just held her and rocked. Running her hands softly up and down her back.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you.” She whispered.

Lexi suddenly pulled out of Kara’s arms, fiercly and defiantely wiping away her tears. She took a deep breath, and calmly said “I will get through this. I always do. It never lasts.” She gave Kara a tight hug. “I love you so very much my love. I’m sorry I have so many problems.”

Kara hugged her back. “It’s okay, I’m here because I love you, Lexi. Please, don’t apologize.”

Kara lifted her head, the memory of their last night together, of the last words she would ever hear from Lexi ringing through her head. She laid a lily down at Lexi’s grave. “I’m so sorry my love. I’m so sorry I couldn’t take your pain away. I hope you knew before you left that I loved you.”



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