Dear L

I’m so glad R and I met you. You’re cool shit sunshine. I’m so happy we can be so open about everything, and I love our conversations. 

I think you will be good for R, and I think he will be good for you. I really hope you two start dating! You would be such an awesome girlfriend for my husband, and y’all would be adorable. I’m truly 100% happy about this. 

I might seem a bit jaded at some point, though I tr not to show it. It has nothing to do with you, I’m just apparently in high school still. He finds people easier than I do and I get grumpy and jaded about it.

You are so damn awesome and I’m happy and proud to call you a friend, and I’d be proud to call you two partners. 

Welcome to our little corner of the world L, and I’m glad you’re in it, however that looks, I hope you are happy here, and I would love for you to be an important part of it ^.^

Have a beautiful day sunshine. Take care of him with me lol 

~ Ivy 


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