Let Me Go

Written 7 months after escaping V.
To my abuser,

I’ve started a new life
One that I should have had long ago
It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful
And I’m not being controlled

It’s a mutual relationship
One of love and trust
So this I’m not just begging you
I’m telling you, you must

You must let me go
Stay out of my head
We were done long ago
Our relationship dead

The first time you hurt me
Was the beginning of the end
So go your own separate way
And leave me my own life to tend

I’m happy where I’m at now
I’m happy with who I’m with
He makes me feel special
He’d never hurt me, he’s my every wish

Know the children are so safe with him
They love him very much
Stay out of their lives and mine
I’ll never again be your item to punch

Your hold on me is slipping
As strong as it may be
It is only little by little
But baby steps are steps indeed

I do not want to think of you
I don’t want you anymore
I can not wish the best for you
I can simply try to implore

That you stay out of my life
Leave it for good
Stay away from my children
Get lost in the woods

For all that I care
You’ve hurt me to long
I want to break away
From this morbid love song

That I built for you
And for to long I sang
About how I wanted you back
Even though I knew the damage it would bring

I’m letting it go
The words, I’m trying to forget
And while you still have your hold
It’s losing it’s grip

So this I will tell you
Because you need to know
And I need to make it heard
I really do love him, I love him so

Leave me to my family
Leave me to my love
Leave me to the safety of his arms
Leave me forever, you I will be free of

Broken, but not defeated,


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