Mirror vs picture

I randomly decided to take a picture of myself from the side. I did this as I was looking into the mirror. The results were not at all what I expected.

Let’s start with the mirror since this is what I see every day.

In the mirror I see someone who might want to start working their ass out before they really start putting on weight. In the mirror is someone who is starting to get a stomach and who is definitely starting to look out of shape and maybe a 1/2 step from the beginning of fat. I constantly obsess about the weight of the girl in the mirror, but I’m still doing alright.

Well, out of nowhere I decided that so ce I was just on my bra, I would take a picture from the side…

What the fucking hell? How can someone’s self view be so distorted?

I look from mirror to picture an back again, seeing two completely different people.

The woman in the picture is skinny. I mean unhealthy super skinny. I can see at least five of her ribs and her stomach is all but gone. There’s obviously a need for someone weight.

I look back to the girl in the mirror. She’s gained too much weight and needs to lose it.

Picture, tiny, can see all her ribs.

Mirror, overweight needs to exercise.

What the fuck is going on?…


2 thoughts on “Mirror vs picture

  1. I have the same problem accept the opposite… as in I look in the mirror and see someone who is not that overweight has a bit but still looks good… then I take a picture and see a huge girl who has a weight problem… Its crazy what the mind can do!

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