This is definitely interesting to me

I now have readers from all over the world, in fact, I have 106 of you my sunshines! ^.^ I’m so happy to have such a diverse group, though admittedly, there’s one particular trend I’ve seen that honestly confuses me a little bit.

I’m trans. I’m atheist. I’m hyper liberal, and I don’t hide my disdain for religion and yet…

I have quite a few extremely religious more conservative sunshines. Now, don’t get me wrong! I am happy that you are here. I love everyone and I hope you are getting something out of what I write and the experiences that I have had. I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, it’s just… Surprising.

I mean… maybe the surprise is an effect of pre-judgement, I can admit that possibility, as it’s not outside the realm of reality. I’ve been shit on by religious people my whole life. I’ve been told to die, to kill myself, that I’m fucked in the head, that my children should be taken from me, that I’m twisted, I’m a creeper, and a multitude of other things because I’m trans, queer and atheist, and pretty damn open about all of it (not to mention living in a conservative city).

So… to my conservative sunshines, if you are comfortable with it, I would love to hear what you are getting from my blog and what made you decide to follow me. I’m truly as interested as I am confounded.

Note to my conservative readers: I know what view points can be from that side, it’s cool if you don’t agree with me, my decisions or my life, but please choose your words wisely. I’m happy for you to disagree, but do not be mean or cruel.

Note to my readers that are generally not fans of conservative people: I know it can be hard to read some of the ways that conservative, highly religious people understand things, I understand all too well, but, if anyone answers, regardless of what they say, if you feel the need to respond, choose your words wisely.

It’s fine to have disagreements, necessary even, but, and this is an extremely important but:

Nobody will bash anybody on my page and there is absolutely no leeway for it. We can all disagree. You might think that the queer community is wrong or odd. You might think conservatives are nasty people, everyone is welcome to their opinion, but my pages and my blog is a place of peace, a place of discussion and a place of understanding.

I put this up as a warning because I’m inviting religious and political conversation within this particular post, and I know way too well how nasty they can get, as I do a lot of comment reading and debate. I am not putting up this warning because I think any of you will do this. I simply feel like it’s better to be a little pre-emptive about it, and I hope you understand and don’t feel disrespected.

I love you all so very much my sunshines. I’m so happy you are here. Please, take care of yourself and others, live and let live, and have an absolutely beautiful day.

P.S. – If you want to answer anonymously, email me at and I will then post your response, without any names as my own profile.


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