Understanding Bipolar Disorder

This isn’t going to be a long post. I was contacted by the website Healthline, and they sent the fact sheet I’ve posted below. It’s a good quick layout of what it is.

I have a few thoughts overall to expand on a little bit. The misdiagnosis is an important one, because it can definitely cause serious problems.
Personally, I think mania is more dangerous than depression.
Often, living a basic life really difficult, and holding down a job is a pretty big achievement.
It can make it difficult to enjoy your successes, because, what if you’re manic?
Bipolar can get worse with age, and that’s what has happened to me.
You do some really odd shit, especially with Bipolar type 1.
There’s also things that people don’t realize can be connected to Bipolar, hallucinations and voices.

Just to be clear, all those links are of my own personal experiences. I don’t have any outside links on this except the Healthline one. So, that said, here’s the fact sheet:

Bipolar Disorder

Thank you very much for reading sunshines, and have a beautiful day ^.^

Bipolar Disorder Infographic — Healthline


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