Birthday parties and controlled anxiety

*written last night*

Well, we finished up B’s birthday party! She’s 7. I can’t believe it. It really wasn’t that long ago she was this little itty bitty teeny tiny thing that fit into just one of my arms, and now here she is, 7 years old…

She had so much fun. She’s such a joy to give gifts too. She get’s so incredibly excited about any and all gifts. Though, if she really likes a gift, you should probably close your ears, because she screams so incredibly loud!

Anyway, it was a fun party, I even managed to stay around for almost the whole entire time. I’m sitting in my bedroom at the moment getting some me time. That was tough, but worth it. The kids are getting ready for bed, they did so good cleaning everything up ^.^ I’m proud of the kids, I’m happy for the day, and I’m proud of myself. I dealt with my anxiety quite well if I do say so myself.

I’m currently anxious as shit but calming down, but I am very, very happy right now.

I’m proud of you B, and I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown up. Happy birthday my love.


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