You’re not trans because…

Surprise! I’m a trans woman, and if you don’t know, then I’m guessing you’re a new reader, so hello sunshine!

There’s this irritating and completely ignorant statement that I’ve heard way too many times “you’re not trans because…”

There’s a multitude of reasons I apparently can’t be trans and am actually just a confused boy, and none of them make sense.

– I’m a gamer
– I think cars are interesting
– I’m a tomboy
– I like to wear boys clothes
– I don’t wear makeup all the time
– I’m rough and tumble

Isn’t it interesting that all these things are *mostly* acceptable for cisgender females? Apparently there’s some code to live by if you’re trans. You aren’t allowed to do “male” things if you’ve transitioned to female, because somehow it nullifies your transition and makes you a liar.

Sometimes I just don’t get people, and as much as I love them, boy they’re good at getting under my skin.

Anyway, thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!


15 thoughts on “You’re not trans because…

  1. Hi! I’m a friend of Eleanor’s. I would say that we are our actions—our identity is the things we do. Honestly it takes a lot more responsibility and insight to choose to be ourselves and act accordingly. It’d be way easier to follow the archetype of everyone else (and that applies to the people who try to control us, no matter their religion or gender identity—I dislike evangelicals on every side).

    I don’t know you, friend, but I’m glad you’re you.

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    1. Now that I’m actually awake and can read this better… I like the idea that we are our actions. It makes a lot of sense. I’ve long believed that what you say means nothing if the actions you have do not back up what you say, so to me that makes a lot of sense. Thank you very kindly for stopping by and your kind words sunshine. I’m quite excited to see what else you have to say and hope to get more of your perspective on things

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  2. Ugh. I hate people who say stuff like that. As if a cis person knows better than a trans person what it’s like to be trans.

    It would be ridiculous if someone looked at all the masculine coded things a cis woman does and told her she isn’t cis, she must actually be a man, because she’s not feminine enough. But no, people only spew that sort of nonsense at trans people.

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    1. Yep. It’s a systematic, trans based deal and frustrating as hell. One day things will get better, but until then, we’ve got lots of awesome trans bloggers and activists to work toward getting people to understand

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