Together or Behind

I wrote this in 2012, and had totally forgotten about it, so here it is!

There are two paths one can take in life….

The path that you see ahead of you is dark. You look to the person next to you and say “I need help.”
“Follow me” she says, and grabs your hand. She begins running through the darkness, dragging you behind, and when you scream because of the bad things hurting you, she simply states “you should not be running into those things.”
When you finally end up on the other side, it is not what you thought would be there. This path leads to barrenness. It is a desert with no life, no water, no beauty. This is the path that lets others lead you.

The second path that you see ahead of you is light, but foggy, you can see things, but you can’t see them directly.
You look to the person next to you and say “I believe I can see the end, I’m going to go down this path, but I may need help.”
“Ok” she says simply, and walks beside you.
You start slowly, because it looks scary. There’s a bony hand coming out of the mist.
She walks next to you and tells you it’s ok, as she walks up to the bony hand, she shows you that it is only a tree, that is simply sleeping, it is beautiful, it just looks scary.
You continue down the path with more enthusiasm, because it’s not quite as scary now.
You see a beautiful flower.
“Be careful!” she warns. “That flower may be beautiful to your sight, but if you touch it, you will certainly fall ill, it is very poisonous.”
Now, you are learning, and you feel more confident walking down this path, as you look up, the fog has started to clear a little, and you say “I want to continue moving forward”
“Than do so” she says, “I will not leave your side.”
The more that you follow this path, the more you will realize that it continues further and further on, the more beautiful and amazing it will get.

The path of darkness is when others lead you.
The foggy path is when you lead yourself.
The beautiful flower are the people and things that seem helpful, but will ultimately tear you down.
The bony hand are the things and people in life that look bad upon first sight, but ultimately teach you to look closer before judging.
The fog is your own self doubt, causing everything to be hazy and uncertain.
The end of this road is the path that you create, but the question you must ask, is it the destination, or the journey?


Thank you for reading sunshines, and have a beautiful day!


3 thoughts on “Together or Behind

  1. I love this.

    It took me a long time to figure out how to ask for help while still making my own path. Both of those things have been difficult for me, in different ways, at different times, and both together harder still. But I could never be happy following someone else’s path, and much as I like to think I don’t need other people sometimes, I can get so much further with the help and company of friends.

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