More drawings – my monsters 

I love drawing, ever since I really got into it anyway. For a very brief history, I love drawing realism, but I also have a major passion for creating various kinds of monsters. I love most things morbid and creepy, so, hey, why not perfect it in my drawings right? So I figured I’d show all of you some of my monsters I’ve drawn over the past year.

For all of my drawings I only use a number 2 pencil and a smudger. In a few more days, I’ll have more at my access to play with.

This just wants to be your friend. I think… Maybe not. Let’s find out!

I’m a huge, huge fan of Stephen Gammell, who did all the artwork for the Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark  series. I’ve tried to recreate some of his style here. I found it a little more difficult, because we use two completely different mediums.


This lovely little guy’s name is Smiley. He is one of my favorites. Prior to a friend of mine leaving another state, she told me how much she liked him, and so he left with her on her travels. I miss Smiley, but I know he’s in good hands.

This was one of the first monsters that I drew. I realized quickly that  I really liked whatever it was that I did for the nose, and you’ll notice that I incorporate it in many of my pictures.

This poor thing has had quite the unfortunate experience. With a head half gone, and lips nothing but torn skin, he’s a sore sight for eyes.

And I’m sure the close up showing the hook between his eye and mouth doesn’t help. Enjoy!

I’m not sure the dynamic between these two, but I’m pretty sure this is what a smiley face would look like if it were forged in hell.


This is the monster that terrorized Brittany in the story Breathe. Perhaps he just wants love?

Last but not least, there’s this little guy. I get the sense of an artist I’ve seen before, but I’m not sure. Perhaps David Firth? I don’t know, if you have any ideas or clues, let me know in the comments.


20 thoughts on “More drawings – my monsters 

  1. I like your collection of monsters, you could really build on this! They’re a little creepy, but the fact that they succeed in creeping me out is a good sign 😛

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  2. That last one reminded me a little of Miyazaki’s work on Spirited Away.

    I usually use my Wacom tablet when I draw. If you’re looking to get into a lot of digital tools sometime down the line, Wacom is the way to go. I use a Wacom Intuos when I do commissions, and I love it.

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  3. Oh man, thank you! To have any of my stuff connected to Dr Who ideas is awesome, because fan girling. lol I don’t know that I’ve seen that one. (Still catching up, I’m on 11) I’m glad you enjoy them.

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    1. “The Happiness Patrol” is one of the seventh doctor’s (Sylvester McCoy). I’m a total fanboy of Dr. Who. I once went through and watched every single episode of the show, in order, from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, including some less than stellar remakes of the lost episodes (usually a slide show of whatever photos they have left from the filming, plus a few subtitles describing the action, and the audio sound track). It took a few years lol, and they kept making new episodes so I’m not quite caught up. Some of the early episodes are quite blatantly sexist–the female characters mostly exist to scream at scary things and get kidnapped so the heroes can rescue them. The various episodes are definitely products of their time…

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      1. I grew up on Dr. Who because my parents were fans. Mostly this meant I saw a lot of the Tom Baker (4th doctor) episodes, with a smattering of the others, mostly all out of order. The show wasn’t still running when I was a kid.

        My whole family was super excited when they started it up again with the new episodes, even if it’s a lot different (you can’t see the strings holding up the little toy spaceship on the screen anymore, for example).

        …I’m too much of a fanboy to resist going off on a tangent about Dr. Who in the comment thread of a post about spooky monster drawings 😀

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  4. I love these drawings. The hook on the one with half a head was a great touch. Smiley is super spooky and reminds of “The Happiness Patrol” episode of Dr. Who (“happiness patrols” run around arresting people for not acting happy enough).

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