It’s been one hell of a ride

A big thanks to TeJay at Work-life, Mom-life for the idea!

Rather than making some tentative idealization of the next year, only to not end up actualizing it, I thought the idea of reflection on what’s already happened is fantastic.

2015 was a hell of a ride for me. It was so incredibly different then any year I’ve ever had. I started (and stayed) on meds a little past mid 2014. It took a while to build up to the awesome that was 2015.

So what is this 2015 craziness? Well…:

  • I hit my one year mark for holding a job. This is the first job ever that I have held consecutively for a year. I’m excited for year two!
  • I GOT INTO SCHOOL! After a whole year of trying to fight the appeals system to get back into school and remedy my younger self’s fuck ups, I did it, and I start in January.
  • I learned how to use makeup. About time.
  • I started really learning how to draw. I’m incredibly happy with my progress thus far.
  • I learned a lot more for my music, and it’s gotten much, much better since the beginning of this year.
  • R and I hit 4 years!
  • R and I opened up to a relationship anarchy/ethical non-monogamy type of relationship and have been doing better than before (which wasn’t bad by a long shot) of because of it.
  • I started this blog, and have been keeping up with it! It’s been a fun adventure, and I’ve been more confident because of it.
    • Also, I’m so happy to have met so many other bloggers both new and experienced! You are wonderful people!
  • This is the first stable year I’ve ever had! Kiss my ass bipolar and anxiety ^.^
  • I’ve met several really wonderful friends, and learned a lot
    • Among these friends, I want to specifically say hurray for K, who was raised so dramatically different from me, and has taught me so, so much because of it (not to mention, she’s super smart). She has also become a wonderfully close friend and wiggled her way into a special place. Thank you for asking about my tattoos my dear.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I can think of. I’m very happy for this year, it’s been a dramatic and wonderful change of pace, and leaves me looking forward to next year, which I guess should also be on the list, because that’s new too.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day sunshines!

7 thoughts on “It’s been one hell of a ride

  1. That’s a hell of s list! And I’m glad it worked out for you to do it that way. Its so much better to focus on the positive things we have achieved, rather than the negative we think should change.

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