Persistence is this girl’s best friend (A.k.a. hands are hell to do and I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten)

I love drawing eyes, and here is my newest one!

But there’s something I’m really excited about, see… I’ve never been good at hands, at all. I’ve always had a huge problem with them.

For example:


Finally, last week, I drew my first good hand:

And then this week, I drew this one.

I am so incredibly happy that I’ve finally stuck with drawing. I’m finally really, actually drawing well, and I Feel so proud of myself. It’s a strange feeling, but it’s pretty cool.


10 thoughts on “Persistence is this girl’s best friend (A.k.a. hands are hell to do and I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten)

  1. You can really see the progress, good job! I once took a drawing class and they gave me the exercise to draw my own hand while drawing (holding the pencil and all). It was really useful, because you’re forced to take a really really hard look at shapes, lines and shadows. Other exercises they had us do was draw our own face from a picture, draw something with lots of 3D depth and draw the spaces around an object (the part left white should be the exact outline of your object). The last one is especially great, because once you’ve done it you’ll find a way to apply it to everything – I really recommend you try it, even it seems stupid now! 😉

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      1. Looking at your drawings reminds me how much I love drawing as well. For a few years it was the only way I could shut of my mind from worrying, by just focusing completely on every little detail. I love the work from Luis Royo the most. Do you know him?

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          1. You can try Googling him, if you like realistic yet dark and twisted it might be your thing 😉 I hope you continue pursuing drawing. It’s very rewarding, even if it’s just for yourself (but of course, share it here!)

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              1. Googled him. That’s just on the border of creepy I’m able to handle 😛 My vivid imagination takes me away on that stuff, so even though I like it I try not to look at it too long. I get why you love it though.


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