When you have to teach your doctor. A reality of being trans. 

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I have taught every single medical professional that I have worked with how to work with me. Being trans makes this a very common theme.

There are some fantastic trans knowledgeable hospitals, but for a lot of people, it’s the norm for us to have to teach our healthcare providers nearly everything they need to know about caring for a trans patient. This is just one more barrier to healthcare as there are many trans people relying on having knowledgeable medical professionals, because they don’t have the information themselves.

Then, when you do have the information, there are many times that a doctor is unwilling to prescribe the hormones you need because they don’t have the information, and they won’t listen to you.

Trans people can now get insurance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have any easier of a time getting medical care.

Between doctors not knowing what they are doing, others who are unwilling to provide services, and still others who are staunchly unwilling to respect you, and actively use your birth name and / or gender, it’s still incredibly difficult, and there are still so many barriers, and many trans people are still afraid of the discrimination they face within the healthcare realm.

There are too many times, since I have changed my ID and all my medical information and lived full time, that I have had conversations that basically go:
“So sir.”
*blank stare*
“What are you in here for today sir?”
“It’s ma’am, and I’m in here for X.”
“Alright sir, let’s look at X.”

It’s fucking humiliating, demeaning and depressing. It makes me actively want to not get healthcare, but I need my hormones… I’m on my second doctor at the new place I’m at. I’m still not quite sure what to think of her yet. She doesn’t seem to be very receptive to understanding trans people, but at least I get my hormones and some basic healthcare right? She hasn’t called me by male pronouns yet, so there’s that too. She’s just sounds very distant and annoyed. I try to give her information about trans healthcare, and she doesn’t seem to be really caring, sometimes seeming offended that her patient is trying to teach her something. I don’t know, perhaps I’m reading her wrong, and she just has a bad case of RBF.

The only way to change this is by teaching and training, but, the hospital / doctors office has to be willing to accept the training (often difficult, especially with doctors offices that cater to the poorer populace), they have to be willing to learn from trans friendly professionals, and trans people themselves, and it’s harder to find people who are willing to do that than you would think.

Go out and learn sunshines! Meet more trans people, because, you know, we’re awesome! And of course, as always, have a beautiful day loves!


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