Feet, crotch and a whole lot of nope

Back when I was high school and still pretending to be a boy, I was in wrestling. My coach continually warned us about the terrible, horrible, generally sports related doom known as:

Jock itch. 

It has lead to an over the top fear of it to this day. Part because jock itch = shitty, part because feet are gross anyway, when I get out of the shower I’ll dry myself off from head to toe, and the second the towel touches my feet I won’t use it after that, even if I realize I didn’t dry my lady parts.

I will get an entirely different towel because fuck jock itch.

I feel like this is rather unreasonable as I don’t exactly live with a ton of gross footed, sweaty, sporty kids.

At least not for 6 more year or so.

Anyway, that’s all for silly fears for now sunshines.

Do you have a fear that seems strange?


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