Succeeding while bipolar – school edition

Good morning sunshines! I have such beautiful news to share with you!!

I have been working really hard this past year to try to get back in to school. I had a financial hold. You see, I had problems in the past. Twice, during manic times, I started a semester but failed miserably after I crashed one time and after I landed in a super abusive and controlling relationship the second time. 

I ha to put in an appeal, which got denied. I floundered for a bit, not knowing what to do. I got the chance to have my appeal looked at again, but this time I had a letter from my counselor and the transcripts from my audio recording school showing that I graduated there with a 3.98 GPA. 

And guess what?


You guys, I’m going to get to go back to school! I’m so incredibly exited!! When I first read the email, I cried!

Biology masters, here I come, and nothing can stop me now.

Have a wonderful, beautiful day sunshines!


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